Chris Nowlan

Chris Nowlan was called to the New South Wales Bar in 2006 and practices in the following areas:

Criminal Proceedings

  • Apprehended Violence Orders
  • Assault Matters (including Domestic Violence)
  • Bail applications and applications to vary bail conditions
  • Driving Matters (Demerit Points Appeals & Drive Disqualified)
  • Drug Offences (Possession & Supply)
  • Sentencing Proceedings

Civil Litigation

  • Building and Construction law
  • Debt Recovery
  • Family law
  • Mortgage Disputes
  • Property Disputes

Phone: (02) 9024 9533



Mr Nowlan has written the following legal articles:

“Annulment Applications”

“Assault Charges”

“Claim of Right”


“Costs Against Police”

“Demerit Point Suspensions”

“The¬†De Simoni¬†Principle”

“Discharge Under Section 10”

“Discharge Under Section 32”

“Dispelling Myths About Section 10”

“Disqualification Removal Orders”

“Domestic Violence Charges”

“Drink Driving Defences in NSW”

“Drive Whilst Disqualified”

“Drive Whilst Suspended”

“Drug Possession in NSW”

“Fingerprint Evidence”

“Form 1 Procedure”

“Habitual Traffic Offender Declarations”

“How to Amend a Police Facts Sheet”

How to Apply for Bail”

“How to Plead Guilty”

“Lawyers at NCAT”

“Limitation Periods in New South Wales”

“NAB v Rusu”

“Negligent Driving Defences”

“Pardons in NSW”

“Removal of Driving Disqualification”

“The Prasad Direction”

“Self Defence in NSW”

“Service of the Police Brief”

“Spent Convictions”

“Standard Non-Parole Periods”

“Subpoena Law in NSW”

“Unavailable Evidence”